31 December 2012

a look back...a year in review!

 It has been a WHILE!!! 

 as always it has been another great year!  Busy, and full of life and fun.  
We started with a new baby!  Always a fun way to start things out... it definitely cut my work out for me.  But, she has been worth the ride!
She is now 10 months and a happy girl!  She is crawling at the speed of the big kids and climbs up everything!!!  She is trying to master the steps and the walking.  She has done a step or 2 but that is about it for now.  but it won't be long.  She is a Mama's Girl!  She crawls fast to get away from whoever is going after her, or she is chasing Mom around the house!

 There is my PR!  She is the Ham of the House.  She is always laughing and trying to see what she can get away with.  She is funny to watch,  she is like watching myself as a child.  I remember doing the same things that she does, so I have to remind myself of her possible motivations, take a deep breathe and proceed!  :o) 
like this little moment at a friend's house when she decided to do her hair...with SOAP!  what a MESS!
She love to do school when the other kids are.  Her favorite subjects are play dough, coloring and painting, and don't ever leave her unsupervised  with scissors!  :o)

 there is our true princess!  She is always in a dress, or dress-up complete with a crown.  She still sports the yellow hair and is trying hard to grow it out like tangled!  If she keeps it brushed and out of her face, we will see how long it gets!  She is my big helper.  She wants to be a Mom and is sometimes a little too helpful with PN!  She is really smart and loves preschool.  She is excited to learn to read.  She is very content to sit and color for hours!  She is all princess and full of LOVE!

The big Man on Campus!  He has started 1st grade.  He is reading the Book of Mormon, a few verses a day.  It is exciting to see it come alive for him.  He can be hard for him sometimes be he is a trooper!  He is AMAZING at Math and super smart at Phonics.  He surprises me all the time.  He doesn't mind the homeschooling anymore, I think he actually prefers it now.    He has an amazing imaginations.  He has discovered little legos and can follow the directions and create his own stuff. He also started piano and I think he is progressing rather well!  So far he doesn't mind practicing but enjoys the praise of doing well.   He loves to tease and laugh,  it bugs his sisters now, but I have a feeling he will be fiercely protective of them when they get older.   He is a  very good boy!
we took a trip to Bryce canyon.  I have always wanted to see it, and I am SO glad we did!  It was cool to take school on the road.  We did graphs and charts of  animals and we have a few junior rangers!  

our last little hike at Bryce before he headed south to Zions.

Daddy and 2 of his girls.  Melts my heart!  :o)
We went to Zions National Park and did the whirlwind Junior Ranger there too.  We learned about the most interesting wasp...the tarantula hawk.  it stings tarantula's and paralyzes it.  then it lays it's eggs in the spider and and the baby hawks feed on the tarantula until they are big enough to fly out on their own...  yikes!  PG was in LOVE!  :o)  
We have gone to the zoo several times this year, on our own and with friends.  There is a polar bear there now, which is pretty cool.  She is beautiful!  

another fun thing this year is when we snuck Donna out here for Joy's big 50 Birthday!   We convinced Joy to come to Brigham City to go through the temple open house with us, even though she had already gone through,  (Michael knew the secret and convinced her to come)  She pulled up and Donna walked over, tears and laughing!    IT was AWESOME!  I love my Family!!!  :o)  
That is about all I can think of right now.  I hope you enjoyed our year in review!

18 April 2012

So today was a big day, I took the kids to get their pictures taken.  
Our appointment was at 9:30 am, I had the kids fed, beautiful and out the door by 8:45!  I was a few minutes early, but we made it and everyone was happy!
 I wanted a few group shots and then some individuals, this is my SUPER CUTE Kiddos!  :o)
there is my 5 year old stud!  He looks so much older in this pose...

but I love that every smile he gave is truly HIM!
 Miss Princess, when she is "shy" or "flirty" she puts her hand on her face...
and she is really happy too!
 it took PR a  bit to really warm up but she is cute even in half smiles!
 and SO stinking cute with her tongue out!!!
 the new little one...still trying to figure out why she get moved around and a bright light keeps flashing,
 She loves her hands!  
 wardrobe change!  I love that she has her hands and ankles crossed  (hee-hee)
 this is the face I usually get when I try to take a pic of her!  That is my mini-me!  yikes!! :o)
 the Sassy Diva...
 the Ham....
 adorable little girl..
 Sweet princess!!!
 he loved this pose!  It was funny watching Mike the photographer get his hands in his pockets...it was kinds of tight...:o)
PG LOVED the photographer, he thought he was HILARIOUS (because he was!) but I love his feet off the ground...he was playing peek-a-boo with Mike!

 So the main reason I went to have the pics done was to Have PN's (riva Nicole) blessing pics done, I was a little disappointed, I only got a few head shots and 
 one dress shot

 and one of her cute feetsies...fortunately the few that I got came out cute!  
I love my babies.  I can't believe how they grow...I am one PROUD Mama!!! 

13 March 2012

Riva makes her entrance!

 So here goes....It has been too long to really give you a good update so I will start with the latest big thing...
RIVA NICOLE PABST - Here is her story!
 As usual, I was over due so they let me get induced.  Wed. morning I called the hospital and they said to come in at 7:30 am and we would get things started.   I got there  and around 8:30 my midwife broke my water.  We were hoping that that would be enough to start contractions...after several hours of monitoring and walking and a nice bath,  it was a no go.  I had contractions but nothing regular...around 1pm they started me on an "aggressive" dose of Pitosin...they started at a 4 and every half hour they would up it 4 more (normal is by 2's)  by 1:45 pm I had gone from a 3+ to a 6+ and contractions were regulating...not painful but becoming regular.  I spent all my time, napping and doing hypnosis.  Around 4:15pm  contractions were stronger and definately very regular.  Around 5:40 I was complete and she was just about here.  My midwife came in and just supported as I wanted to push and then I could feel her crowning, then 4 pushes later she was HERE!  I was really nervous about the birth, but it was rather short and not to bad in the end.  KJ is a great birth partner and he talks me though and I am able to do it. 
02-29-2012 (our little Leapling)
9 lbs. 15 oz.
21" long
Healthy and alert!  
 proud mama and papa!!

 just enjoying our time in the hospital until it was time to break out!
she is really sweet!!!
 dressed and ready for trip home.
She is a really sweet girl, she spends quite a bit of time during the day awake.   This was her right before her first time at church.  in her little dress that is matchy-matchy with her sisters!  :o)  Welcome to our family little one!  We love you!!!

24 October 2011

Happy Fall!!!

Tonight is the FHE before Halloween so what does that mean?
PUMPKIN CARVING TIME!!! It was really cool this year because PG and PD were able to gut it themselves. PG even cut the eyes and nose himself. And this year, I roasted the seeds to perfection! I LOVE FALL!!!!
The other night we had our annual Halloween party. The 2 pregnant woman....Aren't we cute!
Truly our KING Jon! with Obi Wan David
Our handsome Knight/ Dragon Slayer!
Not 1 but 2 princessess! Our Kingdom is truly blessed! (Tahlia and PD)
and what kingdom is complete without an adorable little fairy! She walked around showing off her cute little skirt. She is a girly girl after all! and SO DANG CUTE! :o)

Happy Haunting!

02 August 2011

Happy UN-Birthday Girls!

We had an UN-Birthday party for our exchange students... They chose a Harry Potter theme!
YOu can't have a HP party without a bubbling cauldron!
The cake was rice crispy's with a chocolate clay "frosting" I made the sorting hat, the Nimbus 2000, and the flying snitch!
Pizza, cake and laughs
Nadia, Lu, and Drika
Happy UN-Birthday!!